Mar 26

Are we there yet?

by CCCooper

“There” being the operative word. Are we at a point where our dollar no longer buys as much? Notice packaging lately? Same price for fewer products, right? Or, in the case of fuel prices, we seem to be on an upswing in pricing, also. What about the cost or availability of credit? While I and most preppers advocate getting out of debt as quickly as possible, many still rely on credit on a regular basis.

Has your lifestyle changed? For the better? Is it worse? Many folks are tightening their belts and discovering an often overlooked bonus. More time with their family. Some, however, are taking a second job to try to make ends meet. Many are working at their normal 9-5 (or 5-9) job then going home to work a while longer at the homestead.

Grocery prices are on the rise. Fuel costs are on the rise. Your pay check is flat. Have you noticed? Have you done anything or made any changes in your lifestyle to combat these changes?

Eat out less or not at all. Buy in bulk. Utilize coupons. Monitor your pantry. Peruse the sale ads. Stock up when prices are low(er). Have a garage/carport sale. Sell scrap. Offer handy-man (woman) services. Make the most of every day.

Plan your work and work your plan. Consider contingencies and “what ifs”. Do not hesitate to ask questions of those more knowledgeable. I still bend my grandfather’s ear on specifics of daily life in the old days.

Read up on old fashioned “technology”. Canning, preserving, smoking, tanning leather, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, common spices, water sources, wild edibles, outdoor cooking, basket making, pottery, and even bio-diesel production.

Expand your knowledge base. Use your imagination. Have fun on the journey.

Proud 3%er

He who is not prepared today is even less so tomorrow.


  1. Paul A. Wilson

    Thanks for a nice post… the best thing to endure hard situations is to have best preparations. Inner peace and calmness add our capability to pass any hardships… wise decision making must be implemented even the resources are limited…whether we are moving forward or traveling backwards… and don’t forget to eat healthy stuffs

  2. DOB62

    I’ve registered at Kentucky Preppers Network, but my account is still inactive?

  3. Ernest H

    Like your Blog. Where are the best sources for “old Technology” such as smoking meat, tanning, biodiesel fuel production etc. Familular with gardening and canning but would like to read up on the old trades.

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