Feb 17

Gathering Fresh Water Might be More Difficult for Eastern Kentucky Preppers

A fundamental part of being prepared is having enough water supply.  Unfortunately, for preppers in eastern Kentucky will have to figure out some way other than from nature to get their store of water.  Most of the water is poisoned.  The coal mining operations caused, and is continuing to cause, water to be poisoned.  There is almost no demand for the coal, but yet they mine while all the time destroying the mountains, forests, ecosystems, and polluting the air and water.

Consider this article from June 2012:

One key to fighting back right now: Poisoning people’s water is not only wrong, it’s against the law. The Clean Water Act sets clear standards for water quality, but in Kentucky’s coal country the practice has long been to look the other way. In fact, the state of Kentucky would prefer to keep looking the other way, but the Environmental Protection Agency has fulfilled its responsibility in the past couple of years by vetoing 36 surface-mining permits that didn’t include provisions for ensuring water quality. Even though the agency approved many more permits than it rejected, that was enough to spark an uproar in coal country.

So last week, the EPA held hearings in Kentucky on its plans to protect water. Jimmy Hall and other Kentuckians were there to speak out for clean water, but they were outnumbered by hundreds of coal supporters bussed in by The Kentucky Coal Association. Says Jimmy: “They did everything they could to intimidate me and the dozens of other activists who were there. They booed, heckled, and kicked us. Someone even threatened the safety of the representatives from the EPA who were there to listen to us.”


That sounds remarkably like mining bullies beating up on the little guy at the drinking fountain.  Let’s not let the bullies win.  Protect the mountains not only in Kentucky but in every state where these bullies operate.  They don’t care about the people or how they will survive once they have stripped the land of all she has to offer.

Preppers can’t really be prepared if the only supply of water available when the tap runs dry is contaminated.  It’s time to do join in with the little guy against the bully.


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  1. Tommy

    If you ever need personal security I might be able to volunteer some of my services depending on how far I might have to travel. I live in the Lexington area. Nothing I dislike more than bullies. everyone should have a chance to speak without intimidation.

  2. Neil

    Seriously guys, I’m really interested in some land in SE KY and was going to be dependent on the ground water. Is this a widespread problem, isolated? What do I really need to know?

  3. Joshua Livengood

    Perhaps you could contact the local water board, the EPA, and any other agencies that deal with water quality?

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