Feb 02

Rural Kentucky as Prepper Heaven or Poverty Alley?

Recently I came across a video on YouTube in which the narrator likened rural Kentucky to Cambodia.  He chose a narrow road in the mountains and leisurely rolled along as he gave his commentary on life in Kentucky.  On the one hand he said rural folks in Kentucky were more self-sufficient than people in other states.  He commended them for looking after their own needs.  In the next few sentences he commented that what he was filming looked like Cambodia and he had not seen anything like it any where else in the world.  I’m not sure what to think about his commentary.

Here’s what I know about rural Kentucky.  The people are friendly, until you give them reason not to be.  They will help you if you need help.  They will teach you skills if you don’t have them.  Most have lived in the region for generations.  The skills and way of life has been passed down father to son, mother to daughter since the area was settled.

They are true pioneers.  They do what needs to be done and they don’t complain.  When’s the last time you heard of people in Kentucky throwing a tantrum like the rioters in other cities?

Yes, a large percent of the population is considered to be in poverty stricken by the standards of people in urban areas.  But by the standards of other countries where they would consider themselves wealthy to live like rural Kentucky people.

I see them as free.  They are free to do as they wish, without worry about where they will get their protein.   They are not alone in their way of life and thinking processes.  You see like-minded people living in much the same way in Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  As a matter of fact, you will find these people across the country, in nearly every state where the government chooses to leave them alone and let them be who they are.

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  1. Gary

    I am from such an area. Pigeon Roost, Ky. in Perry County. You have described the folks of rural Kentucky very well, thank you!

  2. Dan C

    I am from a small town in Kentucky and I am sorry if the rest of the country finds us to be rather backwards by their standards. I assure you we have our share of million airs, factory workers, office workers, doctors ect. . But I find it rather strange that the rest of the country that is attempting to prepair themselves for the future are spending thousands upon thousands to learn what we have always known about being selfsufficnet. We know how to grow our own food, hunt, fish and pretty much how to live off of mother nature. Now who is backwards ?

  3. Dan C

    I am sorry that the rest of the country find the people of Kentucky to be rather backwards. I am from a small town in Kentucky and I loved growing up in that type of community. People in this country are spending thousands to learn how to fend for themselves in case something happens to our way of life. Most of us in Kentucky grew up learning how to take care of ourselves. We can grow our own food, hunt for meat, raise chickens for eggs and poultry. We know which way we are going by looking at the trees and sky. We can even find fire without matches or any other type of mechanical device. For those of you who are spending thousands to learn these things, keep your money and just make a friend of someone in Kentucky. That would be the best investment you could make.

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